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1st Medical Network Description1st Medical Network (1st MN) is the largest provider-owned PPO network in the state of Georgia. We represent more than 15,000 physicians, 150 community-based hospitals and academic medical centers and ancillary services.

Our Goals Are To:

  • Meet the needs of our clients by delivering a quality network of providers, ancillaries and hospitals.
  • Ensure timely access to the network for questions about providers and access to providers for appointments and after hours care.
  • Maintain structured processes that support continuous quality improvement including measurement, tracking and trending, analysis, intervention and resolution.
  • Identify opportunities for quality assurance and utilization management.
  • Measure member/provider satisfaction and identify and utilize the data to improve the services we provide to our clients.

As a network of providers, we do not take insurance risk, but we partner with insurers and employers who assume the coverage liabilities. 1st MN maintains contracts with providers to deliver health care to eligible members through contracts with self funded employers, Insurers, and Third Party Administrators in urban/suburban and mostly rural Georgia counties.





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