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Patients have the right to:

  • Be treated in a manner that respects the patient's privacy and dignity as a person.

  • Receive assistance in a prompt, courteous, and responsible manner.

  • Be provided with information about health care benefits, any exclusions and limitations associated with their benefit Plan, and any charges for which the member will be held responsible.

  • Be informed by the treating physician of the diagnosis, prognosis, and plan of treatment in terms the patient understands.

  • Be informed by the treating physician about any treatment the patient may receive. The physician should request the patient's consent for all treatment, unless there is an emergency and the patient's life and health are in serious danger.

  • Refuse treatment and be advised of all of the possible consequences of this decision by the treating physician. We encourage the patient to discuss objections with the provider. The physician will advise and discuss alternative treatment plans with the patient, but the patient will have the final decision.

  • Select a physician and change physicians at any time for any reason.

  • Express a complaint about the quality of health care received, and to receive a response in a timely manner.


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