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1stMN Medical Network is the Healthcare Network fo Georgia
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Adobe Acrobat 1st MN Logo Reference Guide

April, 2007

Georgia 1st and MRN make transition to 1st Medical Network

Dear Provider:

Logo Reference LetterAs you are aware, Georgia 1st and Medical Resource Network (MRN) have formed a new statewide PPO network, 1st Medical Network (1st MN), which combines the PPO business of both companies. 1st Medical Network became effective August 2002, and represents more than 10,000 physicians, 132 hospitals and over 600,000 covered lives in the state of Georgia .

During our transition period, which we anticipate to be twelve months, you may have patients that present in your office member identification cards that display one of five logos. Your provider reimbursement is determined by the current contract(s) you hold. Our goal is that the provider contracting transition be completed within the next six months with the payor transition completed within the next year.

Attached is a logo reference page that can be posted in your patient reception and billing areas for easy access. The five logos represented include: 1st MN, Georgia 1st , MRN, a combined logo of 1stMN/Georgia 1st /MRN and the Joint Venture.

Please call the Provider Relations Department at (888) 980-6676 or contact the 1st MN Provider Relations Representative in your area if you have any questions or are uncertain as to the contract fee schedule you are receiving. Thank you for your support and cooperation during this transition period.


Provider Relations

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